20 Questions with Chris Fairbanks


1) What’s the first concert you attended?
I honestly have no idea… I can’t even venture a guess.

2) What was your best Halloween costume?
I made ‘a man sitting on a toilet’ costume…My legs were the walking toilet’s legs, and I made little fake naked human legs coming off at my hips…so i appeared to be sitting on the bowl. It’s honestly hard to explain but it looked amazing. (Chicken wire was cutting away at my midsection causing my night to end somewhat bloody. I also forgot to make a way for me to use the restroom, so the next day I had a bladder infection)

3) What was your first job?
I delivered coupon books door-to-door with a bunch of ex-cons. They always had black eyes. I got bit by two dogs that summer.

4) What’s your most used emoji?
📸 The camera, so I can give credit to the photographer without typing the words; “photo taken by”

5) What’s the last text you sent?
To Martha Kelly: “Everyone loves you on the podcast, I’m getting tons of unsolicited feedback”

6) Who was your favorite band at 13 years old?
The Cure

The Cure.jpeg

7) What’s your go to Karaoke song ( presuming you have one)?
White wedding by Billy Idol

8) What is special about the place you grew up?
“A River Runs Through It” is a great story based in and around Missoula, MT, the town I’m from. The Blackfoot, the Bitterroot, and the Clark Fork rivers all run through town, in a valley that used to be a glacial lake, and you can look up and see where its beach once was, thousands of years before Jesus was born. It’s beautiful.

River Runs.jpeg

9) What do you wish you knew more about?

10) What are you reading currently?
I’m not reading anything currently! (Update) I just now read a little bit from “David Sedaris: Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim” so I didn’t sound stupid.

11) What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done that actually turned out pretty well?
When I was underage, some undercover cops pulled me out of Charlie’s bar in Missoula, and placed me in the back of an unmarked Ford Tempo. Then they both went back into the bar to grab more kids, stupidly they left the keys in the ignition, so I drove it across the street, parked it, and ran to a friends house. I never got in trouble, and never heard a word about it again.

12) What is something you will NEVER do again?
Steal (technically) a cop car (technically). Or bungee jumping, I did that once and it felt exactly like dying and I received no enjoyment from that.

13) What do you wish your brain was better at doing?
Multitasking. I can only do one thing at a time, and I can do about five things per day, and they still stress me out.

14) What bends your mind every time you think about it?
My mind is bent by the fact gun control is such a needed solution in our country, but it likely won’t ever happen in my lifetime. I’m fun to be around, huh?

15) If you could have a video of any one event in your life, what event would you choose?
Constructing a human pyramid on waterskis. The video doesn’t exist, because me and my friends just couldn’t pull it together. It is a regret all of us share to this day. All 6 of us.


16) If you were a wrestler what would your entrance theme song be?
Raining Blood by Slayer. Duh.

17) Who was your childhood (famous person) crush?
The actress Amanda Peterson. She most famously was in “Can’t Buy Me Love”, but I used to have daydreams about her character in “Explorers”. She retired from acting in the mid 90s, then became addicted to hard drugs…and sadly died from drug overdose a couple years ago. I really know how to pick em.

Amanda Peterson.jpeg

18) What was your favorite TV show to watch after school with what accompanying snack?
It’s not my snack or show of choice… But I spend a lot of time after school watching Ducktales while eating frozen burritos as a child.


19) If you could be guaranteed one thing in life (besides money), what would it be?
Health. Boring answer, but that’s what I would want.

20) What question do you wish was on this list?
“Describe a difficult work situation or project and how you overcame it?”