20 Questions with Ramin Nazer


1) What’s the first concert you attended? 
Red Hot Chili Peppers with Foo Fighters, Kool Keith

2) What was your best Halloween costume? 
Toilet Paper Mummy

3) What was your first job? 
Software Testing Intern 

4) What’s your most used emoji? 
Purple Heart 💜

5) What’s the last text you sent? 
Own it.

6) Who was your favorite band at 13 years old? 
Red Hot Chili Peppers


7) What’s your go to Karaoke song ( presuming you have one)? 
Come Out and Play by Offspring

8) What is special about the place you grew up? 
It's very cold and Canadian. There was snow and KitKats tasted much better than the ones here.


9) What do you wish you knew more about? 
The actual origin of existence/awareness and why creation is perpetuated.

10) What are you reading currently?
The Power by Naomi Alderman, Blindsight by Peter Watts


11) What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done that actually turned out pretty well? 
Drove drunk, got arrested, went to jail for 24 hours BUT didn't hurt anyone/anything and it led to me re-evaluating my life.

12) What is something you will NEVER do again? 
Fall asleep while the pizza is still in the oven.

13) What do you wish your brain was better at doing? 
Being motivated by default without constant maintenance. Ability to produce happy chemicals with some level of consistency.

14) What bends your mind every time you think about it?
Quantum Entanglement

15) If you could have a video of any one event in your life, what event would you choose?
I used to climb things and fall off of them. A sizzle reel of that would be cool.

16) If you were a wrestler what would your entrance theme song be?
Do you have to! Do you have to let it lingggggger.

17) Who was your childhood (famous person)crush ?
Secret World of Alex Mack, Silver goo form.

Alex Mack.jpeg

18) What was your favorite TV show to watch after school with what accompanying snack?
Simpsons with Fudgesicles. 


19) If you could be guaranteed one thing in life (besides money), what would it be?
Full Control Over Reality. And the ability to temporarily relinquish that control. Perhaps that's how I wound up here

20) What question do you wish was on this list?
Why are you such a little bitch that sucks?